The present conditions of sale are systematically sent or delivered to each client to enable him to place an order. Our conditions of sale are the only ones valid even if contrary indications are specified in the conditions of purchase of our clients. The mere fact of placing an order implies acceptance of our terms of sale without any reservation.


The orders are only definitive when they have been confirmed in writing, either by fax or e-mail, in letter with data or company logo, and must clearly contain the quantity as well as the reference of the desired products.

Any cancellation of a total or partial order will not be effective until confirmed by us. The buyer will assume the expenses based on how advanced the studies of a prototype and / or the construction of the product.

The order commits the responsibility of the buyer in case of error. Any modification of orders by the buyer will be subject to a new budget that may be accepted by the same. Modifications or cancellations of the orders by the buyer will not be taken into account, once said order has left our warehouses.


Wolf Electronic reserves the right, without any previous acknowledgment, to suppress or replace some of our models or to make any modifications considered necessary for the technical or aesthetic improvement of all our products.

The delivery is made either by direct delivery of the product to the buyer, or by simple acknowledgment of making available, or by delivery to a carrier in the seller’s warehouses. The duplicate delivery note or invoice will be signed by the recipient. In case of refusal to sign, the merchandise will be recovered by the carrier.

Deliveries are only operated according to availability and in the order of arrival of orders. The seller is authorized to proceed with deliveries on a global or partial basis. The delivery times are indicated as exactly as possible, but depend on the possibilities of supply and transport of the seller.

Delays in delivery can not result in damages, discounts, or cancellation of orders in progress. However, if two months after the indicative date of delivery the product has not been delivered for any other reason than a case of force majeure, the sale may be rescinded at the request of one or the other party; the buyer may obtain restitution of his advance, if any, to the exclusion of any other compensation or damages. They are considered as a case of force majeure, freeing the seller from his obligation to deliver: war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents, the impossibility of receiving supplies or supplies.

The seller will keep the client informed in due time of the cases and events listed above.

In any case, the delivery within the deadlines provided can only intervene if the buyer is up to date with its obligations towards the seller, and this, whatever the cause, the products are deliverable upon leaving our headquarters, carrying and packaging not included In all cases the products travel at the recipient’s expense and risk. Likewise, the unloading and maintenance operations are carried out at the recipient’s risk.


Our prices do not include taxes or shipping costs, and are given indicative title.

The prices and technical characteristics mentioned in each product, whether on catalogs, website or rates, are based on the economic conditions of the moment and can be reviewed at any time, without prior notice, if these vary substantially. If there are no previous agreements, the prices are given free of taxes.

Wolf Electronic is a company dedicated to manufacturing and subsequent marketing at the wholesale level, which is why unless otherwise agreed, establishes minimum purchase to ensure the best prices in the market. In this sense, this policy of low and highly competitive prices does not allow us to make any discount or free shipping, except those determined by us.


Our sales end when the products leave our central warehouse and the transport of products is the responsibility of the client, as well as the operations with insurers. In the case of shipments under our charge, the expedition will only be made by a company of our choice. Any derogation requested by the recipient will entail the billing of the cost difference. It also happens for fast shipments requested or express. Our goods travel at the expense and risk of the recipient, even if the shipment is paid by Wolf Electronic and whatever the mode of transport or the mode of payment is postage due or on our own.

For bulky deliveries or those that exceed the standard measurements Wolf Electronic will inform of the additional costs to its clients, who will have to take charge of the excess rate difference.

In case of damage or lack of material in the order, the recipient is the one who has to make all the necessary findings and notify us, as well as the carrier in the three days following receipt of the goods. The receipt of the goods made without any contrary observation is equivalent to the acceptance of the same, and the seller can not under any circumstances be sued.

Without prejudice to the provisions to be taken by the carrier, claims regarding apparent defects or non-conformity of the delivered product that appear on the order or on the delivery note must be made in writing within three days of the delivery. arrival of the products. The buyer will be obliged to provide any justification in light of the reality of the vices or anomalies found. It is obliged to leave the seller any facility to proceed to the verification of these vices and the way to remedy them. It will refrain from intervening on its own or making a third party intervene for this purpose, without the express authorization of the selling company.

Any return of product must be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Any product returned without this agreement would be available to the buyer and would not result in the issuance of a credit. The expenses and risks of the return are always borne by the buyer. The returned goods are accompanied by a return order that will be fixed in the package and have to be in the state in which the supplier has delivered them, in their original packaging or defect in an equivalent packaging, even in case of recognized claim by us as justified by default. The products can not, in any case, be returned without our prior agreement.

In case of other situations not described, the recipient must exercise his recourse against the carrier, because our responsibility ends with the delivery of goods to the latter.


Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are issued upon delivery of the product and can be paid by bank transfer, following the accepted payment method when an account is opened in our company, and according to the volume consumed. These conditions can be reviewed.

Any incident in the payment of the orders will entail, for successive orders, the shipment of goods paid in advance (in advance).


Wolf Electronic guarantees its products against any manufacturing defect. However, Wolf Electronic, is not responsible for the improper treatment of its products, as well as accidents, especially electrical accidents, normal wear of the material, maintenance defect, bad storage conditions, as well as installation and non-conforming use with instructions from Wolf Electronic and its partner suppliers. Also excluded from this warranty are products modified, repaired, integrated or added by the customer, or any other person not authorized by Wolf Electronic The warranty is limited to repair or free replacement of the part recognized as defective by technical services of the seller without being able to ask for any compensation of any kind. In this concept, the buyer undertakes to inform its own customers of Wolf Electronic’s warranty conditions defined in these general sales conditions during the taking of orders and invoicing.

No intervention can be made without the seller’s prior agreement. The repair, modification or replacement of parts during the warranty period indicated here can be carried out in order to extend the warranty period. Possible shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Regardless of the warranty of our products, claims for defects or damage to the order, made after the eighth day of receipt of the goods by the customer, will not be taken into account. No return will be accepted without prior approval by us. In case of litigation, we reserve the right to technical recognition of the products in question.


The use by the purchaser of the brand Wolf Electronic or of any other trademark that belongs to us is strictly limited to the designation of realizations implementing exclusively and in the totality of Wolf Electronic products. This restriction applies to any written or oral communication. We remind you that in application of the Code of intellectual property, the total or partial reproduction of our documentation without our consent is unlawful.


The transfer of ownership of the products sold is subordinated to the integral payment of the delivery price, by the buyer. The non-respect of payment of a due date in case of extended or stepped payment entails in full right the rescission of the sale, the buyer having then to restitute any merchandise and supplies. The seller commits in this case to reimburse the amounts already received, after deducting all expenses and damages that could be borne by the buyer who fails. In the case in which the payment did not intervene as planned, the seller reserves the right to recover the delivered goods, and if it seems, to terminate the contract.


The Court of Badajoz (Spain) is the only competent in case of litigation and appeal concerning the execution of the order, the sales contract, or the payment, as well as the cases of interpretation or execution of the clauses and conditions in this document indicated .

This clause applies even in the case of an emergency trial, an incident petition or a plurality of defendants, regardless of the mode and methods of payment.